Last Updated on Aug 07, 2013
Joining us after January 2013? You don't need to worry about this. Your site is already updated!


Upgrading is simple. Just log in and click the green flag that says Update.

This will take you to the Themes Page. Just click Get Started to begin.

get started button

This upgrade will happen on your live site instantly (not just in the Preview window) so you may wish to enable Maintenance Mode prior to upgrading to ensure that everything looks the way you want.

If your current Theme has not yet been updated for the new Platform, your site will automatically use the York Theme when you upgrade. If your current Theme does exist in the new Platform, your site will use that Theme, and your customizations will be transferred. To see if your Theme has been updated, just check our Roadmap.

Remember that when you upgrade, any advanced HTML or CSS that you added will not transfer. We've overhauled all of our code so any previous customizations that you manually port may not work. However, we've added a lot more styles that you requested and options for customization so you may not miss your custom code at all.

Not seeing the Theme you want in the new platform yet? You can always Downgrade to your previously saved customizations.

Here is are some of the changes you will see on the new theme platform:

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