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Last Updated on May 21, 2013
To get started designing your site, just log in and click the Customize Design button at the top of your screen.

Choose a Theme

Your Theme controls the basic design and layout of your website. You can preview and choose a Theme by clicking the Change Theme at the bottom of your Customize Panel.

From here, you can try out different Themes in the live preview. You don't have to pay attention to colors at this point because you can change them all once you select a Theme. When you find one that you want to use, just click Select to start customizing the Theme. (Remember that nothing will change on your live site until you hit Save so feel free to try out various Themes in the live preview).

Learn more about choosing a Theme


There are many options for customizing your site's design. Each Theme varies in the customization options it offers. There are variations in optimal logo sizes, color options, and font sizing.


Each element on the page is tied to certain selections in the Color area. You can easily tell which color does what by changing them and seeing the results in your live preview. Choose a color either by selecting it from the color picker or by entering its HTML hex code. You can also choose "transparent" for some elements by clicking the checkered box below the rainbow bar.

To make the color process easier, add Favorites by clicking the plus sign at the bottom of the color selector. This will add the color to the Favorites bar so you can easily choose it for multiple elements.


Virb offers a variety of fonts to choose from. Just select your font for each element by using the dropdown menu.

Type Size

Your type sizes are controlled in increments that adjust your font by a certain percentage.

Note that the Global Site size affects each of the elements below it. For example, if you set your Global Site size to the smallest increment, your Site Title will only change within this new, smaller range. You can toggle these settings in the live preview until you get things just right.


When you upload a logo file, it replaces your Site Title text. The logo image is sized according to the Theme that you're using and varies greatly between them.


This option lets you add a background image to your site. Just upload an image and choose the display setting: Fullscreen (expands across the page), Tiled (repeats across the page), or Repeat Horizontal/Vertical (repeat the image in only this direction).

Remember that you may want to adjust some of your colors to be transparent in order to see your background image, but make sure your text is readable for all your site visitors.

Advanced Customization

Advanced users may want to add custom CSS or adjust their site HTML. You can do this within the Code Tab. Here, you can override any current site CSS or adjust the HTML. Remember that each of our Themes uses responsive CSS so you may need to add media queries to override styles on smaller screens.

Note that if you do change the HTML, your site won't continue to get updates from our system since our updates could then break your site. If you want to reset your Theme to the latest version, you will want to select a different Theme and then switch back to yours. You will need to reapply any customizations when you reset your Theme.


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