Page Basics

Last Updated on Jul 16, 2013

To create a new page click the New Page button at the top of your Pages tab.

Page Types

We offer many page types to display all different sorts of content.

page type selections

Gallery - A collection of photos and/or videos. You can upload your own content or pull in photos and videos from Flickr, Vimeo, Youtube and other external sites. You can choose different Gallery display types based on the theme you are using.

Audio - A listing of streaming audio tracks. This is great for songs, sermons, talk shows, etc.

Blog - A series of date-based posts. Pull in your blog from a supported third-party service or use our powerful built-in platform. Blogs are great for professional writing, personal journaling, news feeds for customers, and more.

Custom - A blank slate for content. Use this for About pages, FAQs, or anything else that your customers need.

Index - An grid of custom thumbnails that link to other related pages. Think of it as a parent page.

Events - A page of dates and places, perfect for a calendar of events, concert date listings, etc.

Link - A link in your normal site navigation that can direct your customers anywhere. Link to other sites you own, social network profiles, your friends' sites, etc.

Store - A page for connecting your site with supported third-party shopping carts to sell just about anything.

Tumblr - A page for easily connecting your site to a Tumblr blog. Once connected, it will automatically pull in all your posts in real time and format them to match your website.

About - Tell your visitors about you or your company using an image and description that you can display in multiple formats.

Contact - Display contact information to your visitors like an address, phone number, or social media accounts. You can also show a map of your address with just a click.

Listing - Create a formatted list of grouped items with the option to add an image for each one.

Menu - Display a menu of price-based products or services, divided into sections.

Deleting and Editing Pages

To delete a page, go to the Pages Tab and click the red "x" on the far right of the page you wish to delete.

delete page red x button

To edit a page, just click the title of the page.


Organizing Pages

To rearrange the order of your pages, first go to the Pages tab. You can drag and drop the different pages that are listed by hovering over the icon on the left and dragging the whole box above or below your other pages. This will change the order you see in your site's main navigation. 

Hiding Pages

You can also set your pages to hidden or visible depending on whether you want the page to show up in your main site navigation. When a page is set to hidden, the Page is still visible, but the title is gone from your navigation. This is useful for Splash pages or private pages (you can also add a password for security).

Move an image by hovering

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