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  • Contact Forms and Mailing Lists with Wufoo

    Wufoo is a great, free solution for Virb customers who need to add a form. You can add a contact form, guestbook, newsletter or mailing list sign up, feedback forms, and more. To ...

    Apr 12, 2013 07:52PM EDT
  • Email Links and Internal Links

    Creating an Email Address Link An email link will automatically launch your visitor's mail application. You can create an email link in the Text Editor by highlighting the text o...

    Mar 28, 2013 05:42PM EDT
  • Wrapping Text Around Images

    One of our frequently asked questions is about positioning images that are embedded onto custom pages or blog posts. Here is a guide to help you make this adjustment. F...

    Mar 28, 2013 05:42PM EDT
  • Adding a Google Map

    It's easy to add a Google Map to your site to let your customers find you. Just follow this guide: 1) Find your location in Google Maps. You'll need to pull up the actual map so y...

    Mar 28, 2013 05:42PM EDT
  • Uploading a PDF File to Your Site

    If you have an important PDF document that you would like to share with your website visitors, you will want to upload the file to your site. (Note: These files can still be found ...

    Dec 31, 2013 12:31PM EST
  • Add a Google Search bar

    You can get a custom Google search bar on your site for free. Just follow these steps: 1) Go to the Google Custom Search page and add a new search engine. 2) Fill out the form ...

    Apr 21, 2014 12:52PM EDT
  • Placing an Index Page Into Another Index or Section

    So you created a cool Index Page, but you want it viewed within another Index Page or a Section. From the Virb Admin Pages tab, you cannot click and drag the Index Page into anothe...

    Mar 28, 2013 05:42PM EDT
  • Creating a Hyperlink

    You can easily create hyperlinked text or images by using the content editor. Creating Hyperlinked Text Enter the text you want visitors to click on. Highlight the text....

    Oct 23, 2013 12:20PM EDT

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