Moving an Existing Website

Last Updated on Oct 18, 2013
If you already have a website and want to move to Virb, you'll need to start fresh with a blank Virb site. From here, you'll add your content using Virb's built-in features and customize your site using our simple tools. This way, Virb can build the proper HTML for you from the ground up.

Moving a Custom HTML Site

Virb does not support generic hosting for websites that exist on FTP or just within HTML files. You'll need to start from scratch in order to integrate everything within Virb and customize a Theme that we offer. Virb is much more than simple hosting and eliminates the hassle of dealing with HTML.

Integrating Existing Services

If you already have a blog on WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr blog, you can easily import it to your new Virb blog. You can also integrate existing media from a Flickr Gallery, Vimeo library, or Instagram account. Connecting your existing accounts can definitely speed up the site building process.

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