New CSS Customization

Last Updated on Jan 17, 2013
Here's a link to where to add Advanced CSS/HTML -  Read this article.

CSS Customization

One of the biggest features in the new theme platform is Responsive Themes — and due to the complexity of the code associated with them, we've made some changes to our CSS customization. This article helps explain some of the similarities and differences between the two systems.

​Adding Custom CSS

You can still add custom CSS to your Virb site in the Code tab of the Customization Panel. It works just like the old system — you can add CSS for just one page, or the theme as a whole. Just select the appropriate file from the drop down and add in the CSS you wish to overwrite. Easy!

Editing the Master CSS

On the old platform the Master CSS was available to tweak as needed. Due to the added complexity of the Responsive Themes this is no longer available. The Master CSS file now contains styles for not only the desktop version of your theme, but all the sizes for tablets and mobile devices, fixes for older browsers and more. In order to keep the theme stable and operating as promised, all CSS customization must be done outside of this file, using the method above.

Also, this new method ensures that when features and fixes are released in the future, they can be applied to all users themes. In the old platform, making core changes to the CSS would disable any future feature's code from being applied to your theme. With the new platform, you can enjoy every new widget, gallery, and page as they're released, without worrying about your code updating properly.

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