Adding Advanced Customizations

Last Updated on Jan 17, 2013
To add your own CSS or HTML to your Virb site, you'll want to click Customize Your Design to launch the Customize Panel and then open up the Code tab. Here, you'll find access to your site's Master HTML, Theme CSS, and Current Page CSS.


Master HTML

This is your site's main HTML code. You will have access to the head, which means you can add custom Javascript or meta tags here. You can also add custom HTML elements to the site. The individual page template HTML cannot be adjusted.

Theme CSS Overrides

Any CSS code that you enter here will be applied to the entire site. Keep in mind that this site uses responsive styles so be specific when overriding mobile elements. Access to the full original stylesheet is not available so you will need to use overrides instead.

Current Page CSS Overrides

The CSS code that you enter here will only be applied to the page you have selected. Use this to override styles on a per-page basis.

Looking for your Master CSS? Read more about the changes we've made to CSS customization options.

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