Updating Your Subtitle or Footer

Last Updated on Feb 11, 2013
Your Subtitle and Footer can both be edited on your Settings tab when you're logged in.



Your subtitle is your site's tagline or slogan and is designed for most Themes in Virb. If you don't want to have a Subtitle, just go to your Settings tab and delete the text.

Some Themes are not designed to have a Subtitle. You'll see this field grayed out on Themes that don't offer this feature.


Your footer is the area below your site content that says, by default, a copyright message and "Built with Virb." It's a good idea to keep some copyright information there, but you can feel free to change it however you want. For those of you who proudly display "Built with Virb," we thank you for helping us spread the word!

You can change your footer area by using the editor window on your Settings tab. Add text, links, images, or anything you'd like using simple tools.

Note: In our older Platform (prior to January 2013), you will change the Footer or your Subtitle (or Tagline) inside your Customize Panel. To edit this, just click Customize Your Design and click on the Branding area. Here you'll see a box for your Tagline as well as your Footer. The Footer field contains HTML so use caution when making updates as improper HTML can affect your site (i.e.: unclosed link tags).

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