Add a Google Search bar

Last Updated on Apr 21, 2014
You can get a custom Google search bar on your site for free. Just follow these steps:

1) Go to the Google Custom Search page and add a new search engine.

google add search engine

2) Fill out the form using your custom domain or Virb domain information. Click "Create".

Google Search form

3) Click on the "Get Code" button.

successfully created search engine

4) Be sure to select 'Get the V1 code".

get v1 code google search engine

5) Copy the code from Google. You'll need to add this into your Virb site.

Google search code

6) Log in to Virb. You can use this code anywhere on your site. Just follow the tutorial for Adding HTML and Javascript. We'd recommend placing your search bar into a Custom Widget. That way, the search bar can easily show up on every page.

Google code in Virb

7) Google will include CSS code within <style></style> tags of their code, however, this should not be added into your custom HTML. Instead, add the CSS code to the Additional Theme CSS entry of the customize toolbar.

google search bar css

That's it! Now you have the power of Google search within your site.

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