Widget Basics

Last Updated on Nov 06, 2012
Widgets are pre-formatted areas of content that generally contain more generalized site content like a Twitter Feed, your store's hours, or a quick way to listen to your music. Widgets appear in your Theme's Widget area, which is generally below the content or in a left or right sidebar column, if the Theme has one. Find out more about the placement of Widgets.

To add a new Widget, just go to your Widgets tab and click New Widget. For any Widget you create, you are able to choose which Pages you want it to appear on.

Display on these Pages


This Widget requires that you have created at least one Audio page with songs you've uploaded manually (not connected through another service). You can add tracks from your Audio Page(s) to the Widget by clicking Add to Player.

This Widget is styled differently for each Theme but will create a mini-player for your tracks using the album artwork you uploaded on your Audio page.



This creates a simple feed of your latest Blog posts in an existing Virb Blog. Just choose the Blog you want to sync with and the number of latest posts you want to display. This Widget will show the Blog title with a link to the post as well as the time the post was created.


In a Custom Widget, you can add text, images, or even embed custom HTML for a third-party service you may use. (This is a great place to add a mailing list signup).

Facebook Like Box

Add a Facebook Like Box to your page. This only works for Facebook Pages, not personal accounts. Note that it's also different from a Like Button, which can be implemented on any page in your site.

Facebook Like Box on Virb

Last.FM Feed

List your most recently played tracks from your Last.FM account.

RSS Feed

Add a list of links to your own or favorite RSS feed.

Social Links

Connect your Virb site to the services you already know and love. Choose from an array of icon sets to match your site design.

Social media links


Add your Twitter feed on your site. Connect to your existing account by allowing Virb to access the information and choose how many tweets to display. Note that if your Twitter account is set to private, your tweets will not display.

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