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Last Updated on Mar 24, 2014

Finding Your Blog's RSS feed URL

Each Blog page created on Virb will have an RSS feed URL generated for it. Just add ?rss to the end of your Blog page URL to view it. (i.e.:

Note: You do not need to create the RSS feed URL. It will be automatically generated from the blog page name. Since there is no design associated with an RSS feed URL, accessing the URL in your browser will display XML formatted text.

Options for using the RSS feed URL

Here are a few options in which users can subscribe to the blog content of your site:

Share the RSS feed URL

The easiest option is to share the RSS feed URL with your viewers. You can do this by creating a hyperlink or by adding a Social Icon Widget and selecting the "RSS" link option. Followers will be able to take the RSS feed URL and copy into any RSS reader of their choice. Then, whenever an update is made on your blog, their RSS reader will display the new content. A popular RSS reader is called Feedly.

Use a blog following service

You can also use a blog following service where you can claim your blog by using the RSS feed URL and you can invite people to follow you.

Use an email campaign service

Another option would be to use MailChimp to send emails to a follower's list. You can get great details on how to set this up using your RSS feed here.

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