Adding HTML and Javascript

Last Updated on Mar 28, 2013
As part of the advanced customization options we offer, you can add HTML and Javascript to any of your pages. We can't provide extended support for this but recommend seeking help from a pro or a friend who knows HTML (everyone seems to have one!).

Adding HTML or Javascript within your Page

To add or edit the HTML on a Page or Custom Widget, you can just click the Edit HTML Source button in your toolbar.

Don't paste embed code directly in the text box, otherwise the code will show up on your page instead of the feature you want. Just paste your HTML into the box that pops up. You may have to view the page to see the HTML working fully since our content editor can't show Javascript.

Here's an example of what it looks like to embed a Wufoo form through the HTML Editor:

Add custom HTML

Adding HTML or Javascript to your Site

Are you a web pro? You can add or edit HTML and Javascript by using our advanced options. (Note: Changing these settings may cause issues with your site that we are unable to support.) To access these options, just click Customize Your Design from the admin and click the Code tab. Once you read and accept the warning, you'll see the Master HTML as well as Page templates.

Virb custom HTML

In the Master HTML, you'll see the full page layout, including the head section where you'll be able to add Javascript or CSS files. You'll see custom Virb HTML tags that you likely don't want to delete. Check out our documentation to see what all of these tags mean.

The Page templates allow you to edit the HTML for specific page types. While we recommend adjusting elements with CSS overrides first, you do have the ability to edit elements entirely from here.

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