Email Links and Internal Links

Last Updated on Mar 28, 2013

Creating an Email Address Link

An email link will automatically launch your visitor's mail application. You can create an email link in the Text Editor by highlighting the text or image to be linked and clicking on the link icon. In the Link URL field, just enter:  
The "mailto:" command will automatically open your visitors' email program.

If you are looking for an even simpler way to add an email contact link, we recommend using our Social Icons Widget. From here, you can add an Email contact icon as well as icons for your other social sharing services. This is a great option since we protect against spam-bots, which is a slight risk whenever you post your email address online.

Social Icons with email

Creating an Internal Link

It's very simple to create a link to another page within your site. Instead of typing the full URL, you can just add the the part of the URL that comes after your domain name. For example, if you want to link to your blog at, you can just add /blog into the URL field.

Adding an internal link


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