Hosting and FTP

Last Updated on May 21, 2013
Do I have to pay extra for hosting?
Hosting is built in to the monthly fee you pay for your Virb site. There is no extra fee or added charge for hosting, regardless of how many pages you've made or how much content you've uploaded to your Virb site.

I have already purchased hosting elsewhere. Can I use Virb with another hosting service?
Virb is an all-in-one platform and will not work with any other hosting service. If you have previously purchased hosting elsewhere and wish to switch to Virb, you can feel free to cancel your other hosting service. Hosting is built in to Virb and included in the monthly fee.

Is there a way to access my site via FTP?
Since Virb is a fully-hosted platform, there isn't individual FTP access like a traditional hosted website. If you're looking to edit the HTML and CSS of your site, you can access the core code of the templates in the Advanced Templates tab of the Customize Widget.

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