Importing Your WordPress Blog

Last Updated on Mar 14, 2013
NOTE: This will only move your content. Your images and other media will not automatically transfer. Before you delete your old WordPress blog, make sure you move all media to your Virb site. See instructions below.
  1. Export your WordPress by following their instructions here: This will give you an XML file that contains all of your blog post information in a computer-readable format.
  2. Create a new Blog page. You'll need to start with a new or empty blog to import information.
  3. Add a title and click Save.
  4. Click the link to import your WordPress blog.
  5. In the popup, click the button to upload your XML file from WordPress.
  6. Click Save.

Moving Images

When you export your blog from WordPress, the images still point to their location on WordPress (i.e. That means that your images still sit on your old blog while your content is on your new one. There's no really simple way to move your images, but here are two solutions we recommend:

#1: Manual replacement
Yes, this is the method where you go in and edit every single blog post, re-uploading your images with the ones from your old WordPress site to Virb.

#2: XML replacement
This one is a bit more complicated, but, for more tech-savvy customers, it should be faster. Here's what you'll want to do:
  1. Upload the images from your WordPress site to Virb's Document Storage or another file storage area that you use (i.e. Dropbox, web hosting, etc).
  2. Open your XML file in a plain text editor (there should be one built into your computer or you can use TextMate, Dreamweaver, Komodo Edit, etc).
  3. Use your editor's Find and Replace tool to search for your old file path (i.e. and replace each one with its new path. You will do this one at a time* for each file.
*Tip for advanced users: Use a regular expression to target the WordPress path (\d+)/(\d+)/) and replace it with your new one to update all of your files at the same time.

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