Integrating Wazala with Virb

Last Updated on Nov 13, 2012
Here is a pretty simple way to add a Wazala store to your website allow you to easily sell products. You can sign up to get a Wazala store at This option allows a store to be overlaid on top of your site.

Note: This method is Advanced. You must add HTML code.
  1. After you've signed up for a Wazala store, copy the Wazala Widget code from your Store Manager
  2. In Virb, click Customize Your Site to open up your Customization Panel
  3. Go to the Code tab and accept the warning there
  4. In the Master HTML, find the closing head tag, which looks like </head>
  5. Paste your script just before the closing head tag

Your store button will appear on every page of your site.

Alternate Options

If you have set the Wazala store button to "hidden" you will need to create a link page that will activate the Wazala window. To do this you will create a link page by going to +New Page then Link page ("Links to other sites") and insert the following piece of JS into the URL field. ";" (without the quotation marks)

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