Pricing and Payment FAQs

Last Updated on May 09, 2013
What all is included for the $10 a month price?
Your Virb site includes everything you need to build a site including all of our Themes, customization tools, unique page types, full cloud hosting, document storage, and unlimited bandwidth. Find all the details on our Features page.
How can I pay for my Virb site?
To activate your site and start your monthly billing cycle, just log in and visit your Account page. Your billing cycle won't start until after your free trial has ended. The recurring monthly payment can be made with a valid credit card. The payment is processed automatically once a month, and you will be emailed a receipt (or you can view them anytime on your Account page).

Do you have an annual billing option?
Currently we do not have an annual billing option available, but our automated monthly billing is just as simple. There are no contracts, and you can cancel at any time.

When do I need to add my payment information?
Your free trial lasts for 10 days, at the end of which you will be required to subscribe with a credit card to keep your site active. You can add your billing information at any time during the free trial to ensure uninterrupted service after your trial.

How much does an additional site cost?
Each individual site on your account is $10 a month, so two sites is $20 a month and so on.

Can I pay using Paypal?
Making payments through Paypal is available by request only. Credit card payments are much more reliable than PayPal and also provide for quicker resolutions to billing-related issues. Please contact our Support to inquire about Paypal.

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