Card Declined and Site is Offline

Last Updated on Jul 26, 2012
If you received an email that your card was declined, you will need to visit your Account page and update your credit card information. Please note that when a card is declined your site will NOT go offline immediately. We have built in a 10-day grace period, so your site will operate as normal, giving you time to either a) get a replacement card or b) contact your bank.

After the 10-day grace period, your site will go into offline mode, but will NOT be deleted right away. You still have plenty of time to figure out the issue and get your site back online, so don't worry.

If your site has expired, there are some simple steps to resolving the issue. Log in to your account and visit the Account page. After you've updated your credit card (and there are no issues with it), your site will go back online immediately.

If your site still doesn't come back online, you should see an error on the Account page letting you know what the issue is with your card. At this point, it's best to contact your bank to figure out what the problem is with you card.

Note: For your safety, never give your full credit card number or social security number to anyone from the Virb team. We will never ask you for this information.

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