Gallery Display Types

Last Updated on Feb 26, 2013

Display Type

There are various ways to display your images and/or videos within a Gallery. When editing a Gallery page, choose from the drop down options on the right-hand side to select the overall format of your Gallery. You can choose from the following types:

Vertical Gallery: Images are displayed on top of one another for simple viewing. Great for smaller Galleries.


Horizontal Gallery: Images scroll horizontally across the content area and have a slider at the bottom for faster browsing. This is the most modern way to display images.


Slideshow: Display images one at a time and click through them with arrow graphics, arrow keys, or by clicking the image. Great for any type of Gallery. The arrows will be styled differently depending on your Theme.

Slideshow w/ Thumbnails: This useful display type varies by Theme but offers thumbnails for your entire Gallery. Great for large Galleries when you want them to show on one page. With most Themes, you can choose whether this should show Thumbnails first or the Slideshow view first (unless it shows both by default).

Thumb Layouts: When using a Slideshow with Thumbnails, you can choose whether to arrange them horizontally or vertically. Horizontal thumbnails will be arranged in rows with a fixed height and jagged right edge, and vertical thumbnails will be arranged in columns with a fixed width and jagged bottom edge.




The Lightbox option works with all display types and allows a user to click on a photo to open it in a Lightbox viewer, which is a common website feature that opens the image larger and darkens the rest of the page. This is a great option for portfolios.

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