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Last Updated on Oct 18, 2013
There are many important features in your Settings Tab.

Title -  This is the title that displays in the browser bar when people visit your site. It is also what we use to generate the main header for your site in all the themes.

Subtitle - Your subtitle is a tagline or slogan, which appears in some Themes, though not all. If a subtitle is not part of your Theme's design, this field will be grayed out.

Footer - Here, you can adjust the footer area of your site, which says "Built with Virb" by default. Add text, links, images, or anything that enhances your site.

Favicon - This is the small icon that displays in the address bar next to your site. The file you upload can be any size you like, but it will display at 16x16 pixels on your site.

Virb URL - This is the free Virb URL you can use and give out to others to view your site.

Description - This is the description that search engines use to help people find your site. It also displays under your URL in search results. You will want to add something that describes your site by answering basic questions like what the site is for, who it's targeted to, and where you're located.

Time Zone - This is mainly used to set the time that is listed on your blog posts. Just select your geographical area from the list.

Google Apps - Some Google services that you might want to add require site verification. That's what this area is for. To get more detailed instructions, refer to the help article.

Custom Domain

The Settings tab is also where you can add a custom domain (i.e.: This process can seem overwhelming, but don't worry. Your domain provider can help you get everything set up. To get you started, we created some helpful tutorials for setting up your domain.

Connected Accounts

Your Virb site can connect to many outside services. You can view these connected services in the Settings tab. 

If you're having issues connecting to any of your accounts, a good first step is to refresh the account (click the circular arrow icon). You can also disconnect it (click the red "x") if you want to completely reset the connection or switch to a different account. You will want to recreate a Page or Widget associated with the service when you disconnect it.

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