Stats (Google Analytics)

Last Updated on May 21, 2013
In order to start tracking your site's stats, you'll need to link your site to a Google Analytics account. Here are the steps you'll need to take to get stats set up for your site:

1. Start out by signing up for a Google Analytics account. Follow the instructions to create a new account to track your site. It should look something like this:

2. After agreeing to Google's terms, you will be given a UA tracking code and a set of instructions on how to embed the code on your site. We've taken this complicated step out of the process by automating it in Virb so you can ignore the instructions and close the page.

3. Once you have your account set up with Google, head to the Stats tab in Virb. Click Connect to Analytics to pull up a screen of all the Web Profiles linked to your Analytics account. Choose the one that matches your Virb site (there is probably only one listed), and you're all set.


If you don't see your Virb site listed, make sure you have an Analytics account and that you're logged in to the correct Google Account (it's easy to switch between multiples). You can adjust your Analytics settings later in the Settings tab of your Virb Admin.

Advanced Analytics

To see even more site information, just visit your Google Analytics profile to see everything Google tracks for free.


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