Gallery Basics

Last Updated on Feb 04, 2014

Gallery Pages allow you to create a slideshow or list of images and videos. To create a new Gallery, just click the New Page button and select a Gallery.


Add Media From Your Computer

This is the most common method for adding images. Just click the blue Photos & Videos button to get started. This will bring up the  general dialogue that lets you browse through the files on your computer. Select the web-optimized images or videos you want to add and wait for them to upload to Virb. Tip: Select multiple files at once to upload them all at once.

Remember, larger files will take longer to upload. We recommend keeping images under 10MB.

Add Media from the Internet

Click the button that says "Add From URL." Insert the full URL (i.e.: where your image or video is located. When a video is added to the Gallery from the internet (Youtube, Vimeo, etc), any information tied to that video (titles or description) is automatically added. Just click "edit" on the thumbnail to adjust that information.

Add Media from Other Services

You can also add images/video directly from Instagram, Flickr, or Vimeo. Just click the Other Services tab in your Gallery page and connect to your account. Your images will be pulled in directly to your Gallery.


Edit Media to Add Titles, Descriptions, and Links

You can change the title, description, and add a link to a photo or video by clicking the "edit" button. You can rearrange videos and images by clicking and dragging from the move icon in the upper left and delete media by clicking the "x" in the upper right.

Want to add descriptive text or even a link to your images? Just click the edit button on an individual image to add text. This box can interpret plain text or even basic HTML.

​Gallery Display Types

Learn more about the different options for your Gallery display type.

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