Updating a Theme With Customized HTML

Last Updated on Jul 24, 2013
We are constantly releasing updates and improvements to our themes. However, if your theme's HTML was customized, we will not push updates to it so we avoid breaking a website.

Advanced Customization users can still update their customized themes. Here are two options to pull updates into customized themes.

Reset the theme to default:

1. Write down/copy any of your current theme customizations (CSS/HTML/Colors/Fonts/Type Size/Logo/Background).
2. Click on the change theme button.
3. Select the theme you are currently using.
4. Click on Select.
5. Click on Save.
6. Re-apply your customizations and Save.

This will reset the theme's code to default and will apply any HTML updates.

Manually copy the code:

1. Log into your Virb Admin.
2. Go to https://virb.com/themes/help. This page will display the default, updated HTML and CSS of your theme.
3. Grab any updated code and copy it to your Master HTML.

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