Importing Your Blogger Blog

Last Updated on Jun 28, 2013
To import a Blogger feed, you'll just follow the simple steps below:

1. Create a new Blog page on Virb, give it a title, and Save.

2. Click the link where it says "or start your blog by importing one from Wordpress or Blogger".

3. Enter your Blogger URL.

That's it! Your existing feed will be pulled in, and you can now start using Virb to manage your blog.

Moving Images

When you import your Blogger blog, the images still point to their location on Blogger. That means that your images still sit on your old blog while your content is on your new one. There's no really simple way to move your images. You will need to go in and edit every blog post and re-upload your images with the ones from your old Blogger site to Virb.

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